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On The Menu

Food, glorious food!

Nutritious, delicious and sociable. Three words that aptly describe our ethos relating to the food the Nursery provides to your child.

Our cooks take great pride in meal planning and the standard of food they produce. The meals are homemade from scratch and just to put this into context across the 2 nurseries they provide around 250 meals a day!

We currently have 5* Excellent rating from the EHO, and this we are pleased to say has been the standard for some years.

We currently provide 2 hot meals a day at our Bourne Valley and Durrington Day Nurseries.

Our Parsonage Nursery in Amesbury requires children to bring packed lunches but does provide a morning and afternoon snack

Our new Nursery in Odstock will eventually provide 2 hot meals but whilst we build our numbers we would ask parents to bring a packed lunch and we will provide a hot tea.

The menu

The daily menu is displayed in each nursery.

Our menus change periodically and are a mix of firm favourites interspersed with new and more unusual dishes. These are intended to keep the menu fresh and broaden a child’s palate by introducing and encouraging children to try different tastes and textures. The theories say it takes 11 attempts introduce new foods successfully so we don’t give up easily but equally no child is ever forced to eat something they don’t like. In all the settings we provide healthy snacks twice a day which comprises of lots of fruit and raw vegetables.

We source our meat and fruit and vegetables from local suppliers.

When registering a child into the Nursery we ask about allergies and specific dietary requirements. Our cooks then ensure there is an appropriate meal choice for your child.

Whist we aim to stick to the stated menu there are occasions where we have to make alterations. These are done on a one off basis as appropriate to the particular setting.

These changes will be displayed on the menu board in the setting.

Nutritional value

We have always made the nutritional value of our food a key consideration and last year we went one step further in understanding the exact values in our meals. We voluntarily took part in a food survey run by Wiltshire County council studying the food provision in Schools and nurseries across the county. Every meal we produced across a week was analysed for calorific value, sugars, fats and minerals. We received some great feedback and took the opportunity to further enhance the balance in our daily menus.

For any parents who would like to read the report, it is available from the Nursery manager.

A sociable time

We believe food should be enjoyed as a social activity. Our morning and afternoon snacks are called ‘rolling snack’. This term means that the snack is available for a period of time and the children choose when they go along and have it. It’s a very successful approach as it means children don’t have to breakaway from an activity they are engrossed in until they choose to do so. It encourages choice and allows them to make decisions. It can be described as cafe culture and many will pop along with a friends or come alone and make friends whilst eating. We take every opportunity to learn so we talk about the fruit we are eating and count whilst cutting it into bits.

Lunch and Tea times are a more organised event at set times. This encourages a family feel of sitting round the table and is good for developing sharing and interaction as well as establishing positive behaviours.

We welcome feedback on any aspect of our food provision. Please feel free to speak to the manager at any time.
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