Bourne Valley Nursery Group

Toddler room is set up in a way that enables children to explore and develop their independence through resources that cover the seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We welcome children to keep their outside clothing on when they arrive should they wish to play in the garden straight away. Allowing the children to direct much of their own learning builds self esteem and confidence. This helps to facilitate their natural play and adults step in to support and extend their learning as required.

During freeflow play toddlers have access to the 'exploration station' (picture opposite) and can experience a wide range of ‘loose parts play’ which will ensure their minds are stretched and stimulated to solve problems and encourage deep thinking. Inside there is access to an imaginative role play area, sand pit and water area, a cosy book corner, small world play and a wide range of ceative/manipulative activities.
Bourne Valley Nursery Children Waving