Bourne Valley Nursery Group

Toddler room is set up in a way that enables children to explore and develop their independence through resources that cover the seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Children have opportunities to play as well as to experience a wide variety of adult-led and child-initiated activities, play is freely chosen by the child this is usually highly creative and imaginative. To encourage children to explore and show an interest in discovering new things we offer toys that are stored at child height we also provide stimulating resources in our outdoor space which children are allowed to access at any time as they are able to free-flow to the outside area.

Settling into Toddler Room

Whether your child is moving up to Toddler’s from the Baby Room or is new to the nursery we take great care in supporting your child with this transition. This will be done through short visits to the room to spend time getting used to the new environment and getting to know the grownups, firstly with their parents or previous key person and then on their own.
Bourne Valley Nursery Children Waving